Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Tit and ass whipping

There are many babes like her who like to have fun in the BDSM basement but it is not that easy for all of them to admit that. Lusty red haired Melinda is one of them. She has nice bouncing boobies and hard nipples which are made for twisting and squeezing and that is what she is going to get, there is no doubt about it. It is causing her pain but at the same time she is loving every second of it. Her master is one of the kinkiest ones and there is nothing he wants more than to see her ass turn red! She even rode a sybian and let him spread her pussy lips totally wide... So wide that you can actually see how her vagina looks like inside and that is not something that you can see on many websites for sure. Her master is not the only one who has been playing with her tits and ass, since there was a mistress who made sure her cunt is totally wet all the time so she can shove her middle finger deep inside of it and make her cum.

anal instruction from Aaliyah

I heart anal!! Can you tell? :) So many men and women tell me that they don't enjoy anal I think they are just not doing it right!! Let me teach you the ways on how to drill a girl up the butt and make her cum and beg you for more!

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Sassy Meli naked outdoors

Did you know that I have very exhibitionistic tendencies? Getting naked and having sex in public is a huge turn-on for me I love knowing that all eyes are on me and asking for more. This scene was a blast to shoot because it allowed me to bring that forward. It was a gorgeous luminous summer day so I decided to use the outdoor shower in the backyard. Stepping out completely naked I got under the shower's refreshing warm jets and let the water caress my skin. It felt so good and relaxing to be outside on such a lovely day I couldn't help but feel myself up running my fingers up and down my body and massaging my voluptuous breasts. The water gently trickled down my body teasing my nipples and warming up my pussy. I got really turned on and decided to go back inside to finish myself off more comfortably. Hellizabeth had been with me all along camera in-hand and ready to shoot. Cameras (and girls!) bring out my exhibitionist side even more so I teased her dancing around and touching myself on the leather couch for her viewing pleasure. She seemed obviously turned on and didn't resist the urge to touch me her soft hands running up and down my body grabbing my big boobs and petting my shaved pussy. Hellizabeth is really skilled and she helped me masturbate both of our hands alternating in teasing my clit getting me really wet. I continued playing with myself ramming my fingers into my pussy until successively intense waves of pleasure made me cum.

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